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Manx Aviation and Military Museum


This independent museum is situated very close to one of Ronaldsway Airport's taxiways and the main runway, allowing a close-up view of aircraft. It tells TWO exciting stories - the aviation heritage of the Isle of Man from the earliest days of flight AND the Isle of Man and its people at war.

Displays include:

The history of civil flying from 1902 – balloons, air races, pleasure flights and commercial aviation at Ronaldsway Airport and Hall Caine Airport.

1914-18: The Island’s role in the First World War. This moving exhibition tells in detail the stories of young men who left the Island to fight in far-off lands, their tales from the battlefronts and the tragedy of the loss of over 1100 lives from the Island’s small community.

Royal Naval Air Station Ronaldsway. Opened in 1944 as HMS Urley, a training base for the Royal Navy’s torpedo bombers, Ronaldsway became the Island’s busy airport.

The stories of some of the pioneers of flying who have a Manx connection.

A hundred years of links between the Island and the Royal Air Force. Manx people have served with the RAF ever since its formation in 1918 and the RAF itself has had a strong presence on the Island with three airfields, four radar stations and a bombing range.

Relics of some of the hundreds of wartime aircraft crashes in and around the Island, with the stories of the people involved.

Women at War – the largely unsung role of women at war, both in the armed services and at home, with their uniforms and memorabilia.

The Home Front – The Isle of Man Home Guard and Air Raid Precautions.

The museum’s memorial garden is sheltered by a wooden fence which features thoughtfully positioned glass panels through which aircraft can be seen on the nearby taxiway and runway. The garden features two granite memorials to the Polish and Canadian airmen who dies in flying accidents in the Isle of Man in World War Two.


Manx Aviation and Military Museum

Ronaldsway Airport,


Isle of Man, IM9 2AT

Tel: 01624 829294



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Opening times:


Late May - September


10am - 4.30pm


October - Late May

Weekend only

10am - 4:30pm

Admission Prices:



Group Bookings Available (for scouts/schools/guided tour groups etc)



Parking (incl. coach parking)


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Disabled Access (no disabled toilets)

Aircraft exhibits:


Bristol Bolingbroke MkIVW nose section
British Aerospace Advanced Turboprop
Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante

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