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Airscene Awards 2023
After the handful of invalid votes were deleted the final tally was 1062. This year was one of the biggest responses overall, however there was an increase in the numbers not voting in all categories.

Best Airshow

1st) RIAT (384)

2nd) RAF Cosford Air Show (191)

3rd) Shuttleworth Military Airshow (155)

RIAT - ‘A celebration of the World’s air power in Gloucestershire’, was the headline for Airscene's 2023 review of this world beating air show by Lee Chapman. RIAT stay on top for the second year in a row... well done RIAT!

Best Free Airshow

1st) Eastbourne (209)

2nd) Bournemouth (103)

3rd) Rhyl (66)

After being ousted by Rhyl Airshow in the 2022 Award, both Eastbourne and Bournemouth have staged a comeback this year, taking 1st and 2nd respectively - Rhyl drops down to 3rd place.

Best Display Team

1st) Red Arrows (330)

2nd) Saudi Hawks (311)

3rd) BBMF (82)

While the Red Arrows have made it back to 1st place this year, it is apparent that the Saudi Hawks were very well received at RIAT and a few more votes would have put them on top. I suspect this voting reflects similarities in the routines rather than differences...

Best Solo Display

1st) RAF Typhoon (307)

2nd) Pitts bi-plane (Rich Goodwin) (193)

3rd) RAF Chinook (162)

The RAF Chinook has featured in every Solo Display Top 3 on Airscene, and makes it onto the list in 3rd place again. The RAF Typhoon last made first place in 2014, and didn't get into the top 3 at all last year, so quite a bounce back this year. Rich Goodwin's Pitts Special muscle bi-plane featured heavily in the voting and grabs 2nd place, making it onto the list for the first time. 

And finally Best Aviation Museum

1st) Army Flying Museum (236)

2nd) RAF Museum Midlands (202)

3rd) RAF Museum London (142)

This is only the 2nd year that RAF Museum Midlands (Cosford) have not bagged the top slot, but made a strong showing for 2nd place. This is the first time RAF Museum London (Hendon) have made it into the top 3, this year grabbing 3rd place beating Duxford by a small margin. Voters were out in force this year for the Army Flying Museum, who have barely featured in recent years, I think this is down to improvements and growing interest in their calendar of events - such as the  "Wallop Wings & Wheels" event held in July (not an air show by the way).

Just a few words from one of the Army Flying Museum's voters this year:

"It is a great place for all ages to visit and has a super little cafe with a balcony which enables spectators to view the action on the airfield.

” – Jackie Grey

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